Fight Less, Love More
The Course

Fight Less, Love More - The Course

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The Fight Less, Love More Course

The 9 week, 1 hour/week, course that turns your marriage expectations into a reality!

Courses will start in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, etc. with additional locations added daily.


This new course, based on Laurie Puhn’s national bestseller "Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In", is perfect for couples of all ages in all stages of marriage; engaged couples, newlyweds and long-time married couples.

This course is not therapy or counseling, it is educational. It teaches couples simple communication and conflict resolution skills they can use everyday to live, love and parent better.

The course, in partnership with Family Dynamics Institute, is offered throughout the United States at different locations. It is tailored to meet the needs and objectives of various organizations and communities.

Take the Fight Less, Love More course and expect to have the relationship you want, easier than you ever dreamed possible.


"We have seen the results, now anytime we disagree on something we have a way to discuss it that brings results not frustration. A great class."
- Meredith and Tom, KS

"This class was amazing! It gave us the chance to openly acknowledge and confront actual situations that we have with each other in a way that gives respect. We've been married for twenty three years but every couple, however long they've been married, should learn the concepts that this class offers. It would be great for engaged couples too. Thank you Family Dynamics and Laurie Puhn for such an amazing class."
- Dawn and Steve, OK

"This class really did help us to fight less and love more. It was great to learn the different kinds of conversations and have examples of them to read and learn from. Then to try them out and see how well they worked is helping my husband and I in a number of ways. Thanks it is a great class!"
- Wendy and Mike, OH

"We think this is a perfect starter class for your marriage, we wish we had learned these conversation styles before we were married, would have stopped a lot of stupid arguments. It was an easy and actually fun course to take."
- Marty and Lynn, TX

If you would like information and/or want to lead or attend the course in your community,
or call the NY office: (516) 773-0303


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