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The Fight Less, Love More Virtual

Course is the only online course

for couples to learn new verbal and conflict resolution skills to:

- Avoid the track of separation or divorce

- Re-energize a stale or stuck relationship

- Eliminate the silent relationship killers

- Raise the level of appreciation, respect and intimacy

“The course got to the root of our problems and we didn't need hours and months of counseling to solve them. Taking this course was one of the best things we ever did for our marriage!" 
- John and Melissa N., Coloma, MI

Our unique Virtual Course enables couples to SEE, HEAR and INTERACT with other couples and the course leader. 

Couples log in at a specific time for 9 weeks/1 hr per week via their computer w/camera, smartphone or tablet.

This online course with live-streaming video, in partnership with Family Dynamics Institute, is offered in a secular and faith-based format, as is our popular in-person Fight Less, Love More Course currently offered at venues nationwide.


Next Course Start Date:

January, 2017


Watch this short video. Learn how this course will benefit you and your spouse.



Top 5 reasons why

this virtual marriage

education course is

perfect for couples:


1) No Wasted Travel Time or Babysitting Costs. You get the full course experience from the privacy of your home or office. You log in at a specified time for 1 hr/week for 9 weeks to SEE, HEAR and INTERACT with the other couple participants and course leader via your computer w/camera, smartphone or tablet. If your spouse is still at work while you’re at home, you can meet online and still attend the class together.

2) It’s for Couples at Any Stage of Marriage: engaged, newlywed, new parents, long-married, and remarried, essentially, for any couple who wants to sustain a strong healthy relationship.

3) Immediate Results. The course is not therapy. Instead, it is a marriage education course with a focus on learning new skills for improving communication and resolving conflicts today.

4) Low-cost. This transformative course is inexpensive because it was developed in partnership with the Family Dynamics Institute, a non-profit organization. The course is based on Laurie Puhn’s bestseller “Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship Without Blowing Up or Giving In.”

5). Proven Success. Our evidence-based research shows that taking the course creates a dramatic improvement in one’s marriage. Thousands of couples across the United States have benefited from the empowering Fight Less, Love More skills. Couples in the virtual and live course learn verbal tools and quick-acting strategies to communicate with results, resolve conflicts peacefully, inspire respect, appreciation, and compassion to restore and revitalize their relationship.

In addition to the Virtual Class Format we offer Live, In-Person Fight Less, Love More classes nationwide.

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Laurie hosted a weekly TV show on WPXN/ION-TV, where she had candid conversations with today's compelling leaders, celebrities, authors and newsmakers.


About Laurie

She is a two-time bestselling author and recognized authority on communication and conflict resolution.

President of Laurie Puhn Communications, Laurie has a B.A. and law degree from Harvard where she served on the Board of the Harvard Mediation Program.

Laurie has touched thousands of lives as a couples mediator, national speaker and co-creator of the new 9-week nationwide in-person and virtual marriage enrichment course Fight Less, Love More, based on her bestselling book Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In (Rodale).

Injecting intelligence, humor and common sense into her appearances, Laurie provides commentary for Good Morning America, 20/20, Fox News Channel, CNN, Imus in the Morning, and other media outlets on compelling social, relationship and lifestyle topics. Her work is featured in The New York Times and many other popular newspapers and magazines.

As Co-Director of Community Development for the Junior League of Central Westchester, Laurie was honored to receive the 2014 President's Award for her volunteer work.

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Laurie on Television and Radio:

Laurie is a regular relationship expert on "Imus in the Morning" seen on TV/Fox Business News and on the I-man's Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show. Laurie's interviews are also broadcast on the "Best of Imus" TV  programs. In addition, Laurie appears on CBS, NBC and Fox News shows.

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