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The Fight Less, Love More Course

The 9 week, 1 hour/week, course that turns your marriage expectations into a reality!

Laurie's principles have already helped thousands of couples revitalize their marriage. 

Unlike most other marriage education courses, this one is proven to rapidly improve your marriage.

Don't just believe us, believe the research.

As an evidence-based course, the research shows us that alumnia of the Fight Less, Love More course have substantially fewer fights, greater respect, appreciation, peace and happiness in their marriage. Research available upon request.

Watch this video to learn more about the course.


"We have seen the results, now anytime we disagree on something we have a way to discuss it that brings results not frustration. A great class."
- Meredith and Tom, KS

"This class was amazing! It gave us the chance to openly acknowledge and confront actual situations that we have with each other in a way that gives respect. We've been married for twenty three years but every couple, however long they've been married, should learn the concepts that this class offers. It would be great for engaged couples too. Thank you Family Dynamics and Laurie Puhn for such an amazing class."
- Dawn and Steve, OK

"This class really did help us to fight less and love more. It was great to learn the different kinds of conversations and have examples of them to read and learn from. Then to try them out and see how well they worked is helping my husband and I in a number of ways. Thanks it is a great class!"
- Wendy and Mike, OH

"We think this is a perfect starter class for your marriage, we wish we had learned these conversation styles before we were married, would have stopped a lot of stupid arguments. It was an easy and actually fun course to take."
- Marty and Lynn, TX


Bestselling author, Harvard lawyer and couples mediator Laurie Puhn of Laurie Puhn Communications, in partnership with the non-profit Family Dynamics Institute, bring you powerful communication and conflict resolution tools in the Fight Less, Love More Course. Based on her book Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In, this nationwide course teaches couples the vital skills needed to grow lasting love. In each of the nine one-hour classes, you will experience the benefit of using the 5-Minute Conversations to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect, give a perfect apology and create a personalized daily communication routine that will keep your marriage strong and healthy for a lifetime. Whether you are a couple who wants to enrich your marriage, or are engaged to be married, or seeking to keep love alive, this step-by-step course is perfect for you.


  • Tame Rudeness & Inspire Appreciation
  • Be More Lovable & Criticize with Influence
  • Short-Circuit Arguments & How to Have a Good Fight
  • Kick Start Intimacy & Deter Cheating
  • Control Overreactions & Negotiate for Love
  • Reject Stubbornness & Disarm the Know-it-All
  • Keep It Confidential & Awaken Your Silent Mate
  • Orchestrate the Perfect Apology & Be Optimistic



Fight Less, Love More Course Provider Network

This course is tailored for specific faiths, groups and centers. Click this Map Link for more course information or call NY Office 516-773-0303 or

We offer two class formats:

Format #1: In-Person Classes
Many of the in-person courses are offered multiple times during the year. We are regularly adding providers. Call the NY office for specifics. (516) 773-0303



AL Tuscaloosa Grace Church
CA Northern Region

Kaiser Permanente Healthcare System

CT Bridgeport

The Child and Family Guidance Center

CT Groton

Groton New London Church

GA Augusta Stevens Creek Community Church

GA Evans

In Focus Church

KY Louisville Forest Park Community Church   

NY Flushing

Flushing Jewish Community Council

NY Great Neck

Chabad of Great Neck

NY Jamaica

Greater Allen Cathedral 

NY Manhasset North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center      
NY Oceanside Friedberg Jewish Community Center
NY Ossining New York City Church of Christ

NY White Plains

YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester

OH Marion

Celebration Christian Church

OK Tulsa

Asbury United Methodist Church

OK Muskogee

1st Freewill Baptist Church

TN Franklin

Grace Chapel

TN White House The Church at Grace Park
TX Dallas Life Giving Word Church          

TX Austin

Westover Hills Church of Christ

TX Irving Hope Fellowship Church
TX Richarson Greenville Avenue Church of Christ

TX San Antonio

Cibolo Creek Community Church

TX San Antonio

MacArthur Park Church of Christ


Format #2: Virtual Classroom

You will SEE, HEAR and INTERACT with other couples and the course leader in this amazing Virtual Online Fight Less, Love More Course.

We are expanding the course to meet the demand with a Live Virtual Online Fight Less, Love More course.
Couples take the course from their home once a week in the evening at a set time and interact with and see the course leader and other couples through a live video feed.

Special price for the virtual course that begins in April 5, 2014. (Class is full. We've added another late April class. Call (516) 773-0303 for placement).
$55 plus shipping per couple for course toolkit.
Each toolkit contains:  2 Student Workbooks, and 2 copies of Fight Less, Love More

Register for the Virtual Course Today! Enrollment is limited.

Please call or email to register or to find out more information.

Contact: Ellen Puhn, Laurie Puhn Communications
Call: 516-773-0303



The course is led by facilitators who can be health care professionals, counselors, lay/community leaders, clergy and/or educators. The facilitators follow the Leader Guide that we provide, which corresponds to the student toolkit. We also provide a facilitator training video.

The Fight Less, Love More course fee is determined by the course provider.

All course fees include the couples student toolkit which contains:
Two Fight Less, Love More Paperback Books
Two Fight Less, Love More Student Workbooks


Guided Resources: Fight Less, Love More book, Student Workbooks and DVD. Utilizing these resources, couples examine communication problems and hidden patterns of interaction while learning new concepts about relationships and specific conflict resolution and verbal skills to enhance love, respect, appreciation, compassion and intimacy.

Guided Activities: Each week, couples complete a series of assignments that reinforce the lesson learned the week before and introduce new concepts for the week ahead. In class, couples practice using the new verbal skills in 5-minute conversations and receive positive feedback from peers.

Guided Questions: Weekly, the group meets to discuss and apply the skills taught in that week's lesson. Throughout the course, the group helps reinforce new verbal skills and support the growth of all the couples.

Guided Group Interaction: Through interacting with other couples who are learning and challenging themselves too, a unique support and accountability system occurs. The varying personalities and life experiences of the group creates stimulating discussions and an encouraging environment for change. By the end of the course, you and your spouse have come together to create a new, more fulfilling way of living, loving and understanding each other. You now have the skills to fight less and love more every day.


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